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Feeling the need to put together some goals.  Fitness goals.  Personal project goals.  Something.  My brain responds to goals.  Granted, last year when I hit the half marathon finish line I stopped running almost immediately, but I hit my goal.   I need to start small.  Goal #1:  get birth announcements out before child turns 1.

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Welcome and hello from Jacksonville Beach, Florida! I'm Pam. The Blam. I'm a recent import to North Florida from the lovely land of Washington State by way of the Florida Keys. I grew up in a cozy boating town better known as Annapolis, Maryland and try not to venture too far from the coast, if that's not already abundantly obvious. Luckily, I married a Schooner Sailboat Captain.  We've got three hilarious, water-loving kiddos and one sweet, water-despising pup.  My journey with photography has taken me from a 365 project, to momentary portrait photographer, to a career in light chasing and pushing my photography

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