“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” -Aristotle


“A rising tide lifts all boats” ~John F. Kennedy 


“And there are never really endings, happy or otherwise. Things keep going on, they overlap and blur, your story is part of your sister’s story is part of many other stories, and there is no telling where any of them may lead.” ― Erin Morgenstern 



America the Beautiful ©Chandra Achberger chandra.gaspar@gmail.com

The Image 5 years in the Making.

I’ve been wanting this image for a long time. I went to the  World Domination Summit this July and on the way…Well, I saw this. For years I’ve been wanting to capture the layers of mountains in foggy conditions. YEARS. During the conference my d300s decided she’d done her job (well – might I add) […]

Can I use this Picture. -Chandra Achberger

Can I use that picture?

Today in my 10 minutes break from child  rearing and entrepreneuring I stumbled upon this nugget on @LifeHacker. If you have a business or brand chances are you use the internet. In order to gain reach and influence your audience you need to use the internet and social media. To do all things internet effectively […]


August Challenges

Howdy Y’all. An Invitation to Join Us – Where? More info below. It’s the beginning of August 2014 and as with all things life, time seems to be flying by at an alarming rate. ( See “Time Dilation” fascinating). That’s not why I’m here though. Cue the trumpets…. As the last true month of Summer […]

Chandra Achberger, Daught

Dear Love of my Life || A letter to my daughter

My eldest child had a meltdown today after getting a scrape on her toe. She was playing with our lovely neighbor and her friend both H.S. teenagers and our young children think the world of them. I heard panic, screaming from outside and jetted over to see what was wrong.  As I approached Atlas was running […]

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Chandra Achberger

Howdy! Obsessed with all things photography. Love to teach, and heal through this art.
Coming to you from Austin, Tx. Above all else (and it's a lot) I'm Mom to Abby & Atlas. Married to my greatest supporter and friend, Curt. Everyday, I choose gratitude over grief.  #MakeTheTime to create for me, so I can be the very best for all those in my life.

Pam Bergstrom

Welcome and hello from Jacksonville Beach, Florida! I'm Pam. The Blam. I'm a recent import to North Florida from the lovely land of Washington State by way of the Florida Keys. I grew up in a cozy boating town better known as Annapolis, Maryland and try not to venture too far from the coast, if that's not already abundantly obvious. Luckily, I married a Schooner Sailboat Captain.  We've got three hilarious, water-loving kiddos and one sweet, water-despising pup.  My journey with photography has taken me from a 365 project, to momentary portrait photographer, to a career in light chasing and pushing my photography

Jen Jurgensen

Hi,  I'm Jen.
I am a natural light family portrait photographer serving the north Olympic peninsula. I love babies, capturing joy, and running around with my two energetic boys. Sunsets, fields of grass or fireweed, rivers, the ocean, my family and friends feed my soul. And also grande nonfat lattes with a pack of sugar....