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Dear Love of my Life || A letter to my daughter

My eldest child had a meltdown today after getting a scrape on her toe. She was playing with our lovely neighbor and her friend both H.S. teenagers and our young children think the world of them. I heard panic, screaming from outside and jetted over to see what was wrong.  As I approached Atlas was running […]

freelensing - bacro chandraachberger

How to Macro with a 50mm lens

Just posted on JLPhotography’s site. Here’s is a full instructional on how to freelens. We’d love to see your shots!

25+ years of Friendship

Through 25+ years of friendship High School. College. Hamptons. Hunter. Careers. Tears. Laughter. Broken Hearts. More laughter. Loss of loved ones. Marriage. Starting families of our own. When friendship goes beyond friendship. You are my family, friend, my soulmate and you are stronger, more beautiful inside and out then you’ll ever know. May your today […]



Happy Spring, Photoghers! I’m already feeling the change in the season and getting the itch to go on some photogwalks!  The golden hours have been amazing! Wednesday, I was tortured sitting in a PSO meeting at my kiddo’s school, looking out a west-facing window and watching the glowing edge of pinkish, golden clouds in the […]


Call of the Fog ~ PB

I decided to jump on the posting bandwagon.  Yo ladies!  And blogesphere.  I, too, went on a photo walk solo.  The Hubs had just walked in the door from work and I ran to the beach to shoot the GORGEOUS fog!  It completely blurred the horizon line, so A-Mazing.  And then I found a couple to […]


The Lone PhotogHer

Had a spare few minutes on a glorious spring-ish day, and decided so swing past one of my favorite spots.  It was beautiful, but I had a bit of a heavy heart because I was there solo.  Not that I don’t enjoy a little peace and quiet, with only the wind and the distant screech […]

Hope. Light. Love. Sunrise. Storm. Chandra Achebrger

Past. Present. Future.

When we first started photogHER I wrote a little ditty about how children are the connection to all that was, is and will be. In this very moment as the light poured down from the heavens while my daughter walked across this empty beach. As one storm had just passed, but another was eminent; in this […]


New Beginnings: Biz “Lessons Learned” (1st installment)

Why, hello.  I feel as if we are just meeting again, as it has been such a long hiatus for me from our loverly shared blog.  The last few months have been a whirlwind, and unfortunately, I let this piece of my life get pushed to the back of the hoarding pile of ‘things to […]


New Year – Better Self Resolutions ~PB

NIKON D7000 (50mm, f/1.8, 1/800 sec, ISO500)             New Year’s Day I woke up and went for a run.  I’m a bit out of shape at the moment, so I made it 2.5 miles and I was struggling, and at that point I decided to do sprints to get home.  […]


{24/365 | Blam} First Signs of Christmas

NIKON D7000 (50mm, f/2.2, 1/160 sec, ISO640)             Even though the stores have been pushing Christmas since September, I’m only just gearing up for the holidays.  It’s a bit strange re-visiting Christmas in a house we lived in 6 years and 2 babies ago, but I’m looking forward to decorating […]


{23/365 | Blam} Rainy Eve

NIKON D7000 (50mm, f/2.2, 1/30 sec, ISO1600)             Before dinner, I decided to take the kiddos for a bike ride.   We made it about a half mile from the house and then the rain started.  Everything in me wanted to laugh and embrace the moment, especially when Little Man said, […]


{22/365 | Blam} Backyard Berries

NIKON D7000 (50mm, f/2.8, 1/1600 sec, ISO1600)             One of my favorite things about photography is that I find beauty in the everyday things that I might otherwise walk past or give little attention.  These cutey berries grow in my backyard and they caught my eye today.


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